Link Metals LLC is specialized in sourcing, trade, and distribution of raw materials used in the production of various grades of steel with special emphasis on Chrome and Manganese. In the North American region we are acting distributors for some of the leading producers Chrome Alloys and Manganese Metal.

Our focus is to facilitate the interface between supply and demand, while optimizing the value chain. To do so we offer a high degree of expertise in planning, handling, logistics management, quality control, import compliance, and other provisions of regulatory and administrative nature.
Efficiency and Reliability
Many key products and components are often sourced in other continents and transported using multi-modal methods across long distances. Effective management of complex distribution chains involve many challenges. Determination of the best structure, in cost efficiency and reliability, requires extensive knowledge and experience which are key competencies of our management team.
Ability to source raw materials competitively is vital to long term prosperity and growth. Based on years of close collaboration with industry leaders, we are able to offer pricing solution devised to edge market rates for prolonged periods of time. This allows the producers to better plan and utilize economies of scale while consumers gain market advantage in lowering costs.
Competitive Rates